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Third-party review sites policy

23 February 2024
Freak Scene Restaurant Group has taken the decision to automate our response to the third-party review websites for which the group has not opted into. This decision has come as a result of an increase in reviews which contravene G**gle* policies yet which put the onus on the restaurant to monitor, disprove and justify. 
Having spoken to legal types, contacted the Litigation/Regulatory lawyer in the UK Regional team at G**gle and spent a number of hours proving reviewers were using aliases and dummy accounts to hide their real identities, hadn’t visited the restaurant, hadn’t eaten in the restaurant, had never stepped foot in the UK, had made comments about Freak Scene employees and had ulterior motives to leaving reviews in the first place, including but not limited to trying to cadge and blag a comped meal in exchange for the removal of a fantastical review –  and that’s just the 5* reviews – we’ve made the collective decision to stick a pin in it.  
If you enjoy Freak Scene Sushi and Robata in Balham and Freak Scene in Parsons Green then great, thank you so much for your patronage. If you haven’t enjoyed what we do, we genuinely hope you find restaurants more to your taste. Either way, if you’d like to submit a review to us, please email For budding writers who have been inspired, like us, by Anthony Bourdain, we may even publish those we feel best represent our restaurants here on our website, and link to them via the Freak Scene social media empire. 
*other third-party review sites are available, some of which might even pay their fair share of tax in the UK. We didn’t opt into them either.  
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